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Historic India

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We could not have known about most of the IndoGreek, Saka-Parthian and Kushana kings without numismatic sources. Similarly, Ashoka's views on dharma and conquests of Samudragupta, and several others would have remained unknown without their epigraphs. ,Inscriptions: One of the most important and reliable sources of history writing are inscriptions. An inscription, being ........ , ................................................................ free from Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam in later interpolations.

5 . How do these geographical features influence history? • 36 Prepare a map of India and show important rivers on it. -;:{~\I. '" •. ~ I F.. t'l{}11H::"1C.... \{[. ' -lH Y, \nmH I.. '. \. S(;l r :{~:' ~ r .. ~ · h n .... i"}iJ 'I , ;1)'. ;" TO nfl, ~:lCtl:'n-, IT rAJ. '"f$ . 11lT:N \\;: V. >O .. i Q\' S" K:O". 'l.... \·,·ll ,! ,(-'1HlrN;1Ii\:SO\\'I\'il-H~f()H\. H'OY O¥< Hl~n)fn . ;' '1 -t1,l- {, A dl: rIlAf~\T': "~"~\I •. { • hf ... ,·'ThJ{\. ,'~ ('i\'. r. RE' l;-k)"\ fHl:\ ';rAfn~' \GUiCHl-ll]R£..

The Himalayas protect us from the cold Siberian winds. The great Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra plains with most fertile land, natural resources and perennial rivers is a gift of the Himalayas, for which Indians gratefully worship it as God. Indo-Gangetic-Brahmaputra Plain To the south of the Himalayas lies the great plain ofIndia which is more than 3200 kms long and about 240 kms to 320 kms broad. It is formed by the solid waste of the Himalayas brought by hundreds of descending streams.

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