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By Harald Motzki

The reviews accrued during this quantity convey that via cautious research of the texts and the chains of transmission, the background of Muslim traditions should be reconstructed with a excessive measure of likelihood and their historicity assessed afresh.

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However,] if he has consummated the marriage with her, both must be separated; she must observe [first] 80 See the introduction by ʿAbd al-Wahhāb ʿAbd al-Lat ̣īf, the editor of Shaybānī’s Muwaṭtạ ʾ recension, 22. 81 Op. , 23. As sources Dhahabī’s Manāqib Abī Ḥ anīfa and Khaṭīb al-Baghdādī’s Taʾrīkh Baghdād are mentioned (note 2). 82 Sh: “the daughter of Ṭ alḥa ibn ʿUbayd Allāh” instead of Ṭ ulayḥa al-Asadiyya. The letter Sh refers to Shaybānī’s riwāya of the Muwaṭtạ ʾ. 83 Sh adds: Abū Saʿīd ibn Munabbih or Abū l-Julās ibn Munayya.

On the contrary, the rare occurrence of direct questions put by Ibn Jurayj to Ibn Shihāb and the only sporadic references to a samāʿ (hearing) from him may be circumstantial evidence that Ibn Jurayj was not one 32 See Motzki, Die Anfänge der islamischen Jurisprudenz, 70–85; The Origins of Islamic Jurisprudence, 77–94. , ʿAbd al-Razzāq, Muṣannaf, 7:12498 (Ibn Jurayj – Ayyāsh – Ibn Shihāb). , ʿAbd al-Razzāq, Muṣannaf, 7:13632. the jurisprudence of ibn shihāb al-zuhrī 15 of Zuhrī’s regular students.

For a detailed analysis of these texts see Motzki, Die Anfänge der islamischen Jurisprudenz, 239-254; The Origins of Islamic Jurisprudence, 268–285. , ordered according to legal topics. 37 Most of it must have been comprised of what his pupil ʿAbd al-Razzāq transmitted from him in his Muṣannaf. His work had already become famous beyond Mecca during his lifetime and it probably gave an impulse to other scholars, such as Maʿmar ibn Rāshid, Sufyān al-Thawrī and Mālik ibn Anas, to compose similar works.

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