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By Bruno Latour

In this new e-book, Bruno Latour deals solutions to questions raised in We Have by no means Been glossy, a paintings that interrogated the connections among nature and tradition. If no longer sleek, he requested, what have we been, and what values may still we inherit? during the last twenty-five years, Latour has built a study protocol various from the actor-network thought with which his identify is now associated--a learn protocol that follows the differing kinds of connectors that offer particular fact stipulations. those are the connectors that advised a weather scientist challenged through a captain of to attract the institution of technology, with its military of researchers and mountains of information, instead of to ''capital-S Science'' as the next authority. Such modes of extension--or modes of lifestyles, Latour argues here--account for the numerous ameliorations among legislations, technology, politics, and different domain names of knowledge.

notwithstanding clinical wisdom corresponds to just one of many many attainable modes of life Latour describes, an unrealistic imaginative and prescient of technological know-how has turn into the arbiter of fact and fact, seducing us into judging all values through a unmarried commonplace. Latour implores us to recuperate different modes of lifestyles so that it will do justice to the plurality of fact stipulations that Moderns have stumbled on all through their historical past. This systematic attempt of creating a brand new philosophical anthropology provides a very assorted view of what Moderns were, and gives a brand new foundation for beginning diplomatic encounters with different societies at a time whilst all societies are dealing with ecological crisis.

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But the difficulty is not so great, after all, if we turn to the work done by J. L. ” The notions of felicity and infelicity conditions, now solidly established in our intellectual traditions, make it possible to contrast very different types of veridiction without reducing them to a single model. The difficulty will come later, when we shall need to go beyond the linguistic or language-bound version of the inquiry to make these modes more substantial realities. But in the meantime, the heart of the investigation will involve an effort to clarify assertions bearing on the truth or falsity of an experience.

At bottom, that is what this is all about: can one institute the Moderns in habitats that are, if not stable, at least sustainable and reasonable? More simply, more radically: can one offer them a dwelling place at long last? After all these years of wandering in the desert, do they have hope of reaching not the Promised Land but Earth itself, quite simply, the only one they have, at once underfoot and all around them, the aptly named Gaia? The question is not as idle as one might think, if we remember that the adventure of these last three centuries can be summed up by the story—yes, I admit it, the Master Narrative—of a double displacement: from economy to ecology.

This is why the apparatus I want to offer readers is presented in two sequences; the report of an inquiry to which they are welcome to add, or subtract, whatever seems to them to correspond, or not, to what is given in the experience; second, a procedure that really has to be called negotiation by means of which the author and some readers—who will have become coinvestigators—can envisage participating in a shared reformulation of these same experiences. Such is my attempt. To put it bluntly, I think I am right in the detection of the experiences that I am going to try to bring to the reader’s attention; I am sure that I am often wrong in the expression that I have proposed for each of them while seeking to offer an alternative to modernism.

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