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By Kaatryn MacMorgan

All One Wicca is a rational advent to the faith of Wicca, and the culture of common Eclectic Wicca. It includes every little thing the recent or complicated scholar must interact in learn of the religion together with an intensive dictionary and instance rituals.

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Which is safe on Hie guardian earth, without a further care, uou turn nnd drift up. through the rafters, the roof, whatever, into the night sky. You push yourself up. {optional; past the lights of the cily, the smog and heal until you come ยก0 pure air) into a black sky dotted leith millions of stars. A wind carrying an eleClrie charge SO fierce that you can smell it, pustiesyou around unlit you are inches away from a wall of glowing light, winch shimmers with pjilses of color like minute lightning flashes.

A l l of these beliefs tie together in The Ethic of Altunement, last of the Five Points and the basis for all of the ritual that Wiccans perform. The Ethic of Altunement Is the belief thai the Wiccan should attempt to become " i n tune" with divinity, his surroundings and himself. H o w this is done varies from Wiccan to Wiccan. Whether i l be the belief thai prayer, meditation, and magick need be done to bring one's w i l l closer tolhat of the divine or merelv Ihe act of sitting and observing h o w the w o r l d w o r k s dial a person does to become into, it's still valid and holy.

To find the one or two things y o u missed diinking about, and catching y o u off guard. r Once you've mastered these five points, y o u ' v e achieved the First Circle of UhW\ hven if you don't pursue U E W as a tradition, this basic knowledge translates well into nearly every form of Wicca- Remember that no lime spent Studying your faith is ever wasted. Chapter Two Redefining our Spirituality To the new Wiccan, thai is, the vast majority of us w h o aie not born into the religion, a lot ol ihe so-called "simple" terminology had been beaten and burned o u i of us, their meanings so lost in intolerance that we cannot use them without reeling a least a little betrayed.

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