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Women’s hair loss tends to differ from men’s hair loss both in cause and in the way the hair is affected. Women’s hair loss is generally widespread, with thinning all over the scalp rather than loss in certain areas; rarely do you see women whose hair loss leaves them bald on top with a healthy fringe around the edges like the typical look of male pattern baldness. In Chapter 4, we look at the unique challenges of hair loss in women. For women, thinning hair may be caused by a number of medical conditions which, when treated, may restore their hair.

For example, a 15 year old may have a full head of hair until, all of a sudden, he passes an age in the later teens (usually between 17 and 19) and a genetic switch is flipped on and he starts losing his hair. Hair loss doesn’t occur all at once, nor does it occur in a steady, straight-line progression. People losing their hair experience alternating periods of slow and rapid hair loss and even note periods of stability. Many of the factors that cause the rate of loss to speed up or slow down are unknown, but it’s proven that with age, a person’s total hair volume decreases.

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