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It may then be determined titrimetrically by reduction to the iron(II) state, and titration with a standard solution of an oxidising agent, such as potassium dichromate or cerium (IV) sulphate. Another example that may be mentioned is the determination of the strength of solution of hydrochloric acid both by titration with a standard solution of a strong base and by precipitation and weighing as silver chloride. If the results obtained by the two radically different methods are concordant, it is highly probable that the values are correct within small limits of error.

B) For phase difference between two waves: (1) Make connections as shown in fig. (15). (2) Put the time base control at exit position. (3) Adjust the vertical and horizontal amplifier gains (sensitivities) so as to get an ellipse of suitable size as shown in fig. (17). (4) Measure the lengths Y l and Y2 (or Xl and X 2 ). No. of signal generator Fig. 17 : Lissajou's pattern for measurement of phase difference. Measurement on CRO Sensitivity in mslcm Time period l. 2. 3. 4. (ii) Measurement of phase angle Yl = ......

If we move from the negative terminal to the positive terminal, then it can be taken as positive. , from positive to negative terminal, the voltage is taken as negative. Procedure : The experiment is to be performed in the following steps : (1) Connect the circuit as shown in fig. (14). 0 - - - 0 :: & - - - . c. supply II II "I II I Me V3 0 3DO V II " I "I II II "I Fig. 14. c. supply. (3) Note the readings of ammeter and voltmeters. (4) Change the values of rheostats and repeat the step 3 times.

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