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The writer assumes no past wisdom, just a willingness to discover what magick deals, but it’s obvious to a person with a history within the topic that Alan Chapman is drawing on quite a lot of event, from classical Crowleyean Magick to japanese metaphysics, and again back to Discordianism and Chaos Magick. Chapman’s writing-style is funny, direct, seductively logical, and his enthusiasm for some great benefits of magick is either tangible and infectious.The amateur magician will certainly locate themselves outfitted to start every kind of magickal operations: trance paintings, appeal, divination, or even a number of the larger varieties of non secular improvement. To skilled magicians, Chapman deals a subtler problem: he revitalizes magick by means of slicing it unfastened from the intense relativism Chaos Magick bequeathed, provocatively redefining it as: “the paintings, technological know-how and tradition of experiencing truth.”

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Preferring one explanation to another for a couple of weeks is not belief shifting. If you wish to change your experience or viewpoint, then you need to actually experience a different viewpoint or model, as an aesthetic within a magical act. For a model to be of any use at all it must cease being an explanation and become an actual event. Chapter 4 tells you how to do this in terms of the arbitrary ritual outline, but a much simpler way is literally to say that if you want to make an idea or belief true, you need simply to act on it.

3. Describe your explanation or model using algebra and mathematics. 4. Reference scientific principles from a branch of science (such as quantum mechanics) in your rituals. 5. Describe magick using scientific jargon and terminology (magick is 'a technology', or an act of 'meta-programming'). There are many more methods, such as referring to magical texts as 'papers', but I'm sure you can come up with further examples should you wish to work with the scientific aesthetic. Remember: the scientific aesthetic is not the same thing as the scientific method.

Create a sigil by omitting repeated letters, and then arranging the remainder into an arbitrary, abstract glyph. 3. Masturbate. 4. At the point of orgasm, visualise the sigil. 5. Torget about it. 6. Record the result in your diaTy. How long it will take for the desire to manifest varies, but in my experience it's usually the next day or so. And that's sigil magick! SEX W I T H STATIONERY Everything I have said so far, however, is old hat. It is both amusing and very sad that no one has advanced the technique of sigilisation for almost a century.

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