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By John Small, Simon Ross, Michael Witherick

Small & Witherick's hugely winning dictionary has already, in its first 3 versions, proved its price as a complete consultant to the most important rules, techniques, and terminology of up to date geography. This new, obtainable variation displays advancements within the self-discipline when you consider that 1995. overlaying either human and actual geography, this dictionary is an important reference for undergraduate geography scholars.

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However, this should be treated only as an approximate rule, for much will depend on the calibre of the available LOAD. If the river bed is strewn with large angular BOULDERS, even a large increase in velocity may not result in movement, simply because the critical erosion velocity (see HJULSTROM CURVE) will not have been attained. Conversely, where the bed is occupied by abundant loose SAND particles, the stream can become 'fully loaded' without difficulty since the sand particles have very little coherence.

It can range from the simple burning of fuelwood, oxygen biological weathering Also known as organic or biotic weathering, this is the breakdown of rocks by the activities of plants and animals. The action can be purely physical (as in the case of tree roots that penetrate rock JOINTS and prise the rock apart, acting in much the same way as FREEZE-THAW WEATHERING), but is likely to be more effective and widespread when involving chemical changes. When plant materials rot, humic acids are released and these assist chemical processes.

Bed load The solid rock particles that are transported along the floor of a river CHANNEL by rolling, sliding and SALTATION. An alternative term is traction load. The rate of movement of the particles is less than that of the water (which provides the hydraulic force), but there is considerable variation in the speed of individual components of the bed load. At a particular flow rate (the erosion velocity) particles of a given size are set in motion; as the EROSION velocity increases, larger and larger particles will be moved (see COMPETENCE).

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