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Raḍī al-Dī Ibn ṭāwūs (d. 664/1266 in Bagdad) was once a massive determine within the background of Shī'ī proposal. He released works on topics starting from culture (ḥadīth) and polemics to heritage and astrology. Ibn ṭāwūs used to be an avid bibliophile, and his a number of writings include remarkably specific information regarding the books that he owned or learn. Kohlberg's booklet is split into major elements. the 1st surveys the existence, operating tools and literary output of Ibn ṭāwūs and gives a longer research of his library. the second one half is an annotated checklist of the entire works (some 660 in quantity) pointed out by means of Ibn ṭāwūs in his on hand writings. a few 3rd of those works (both Sunnī and Shī'ī) are usually not extant, or even the life of a few of them has hitherto no longer been identified. The works conceal a variety of topics, together with Qur'ānic exegesis, culture, historical past, theology, astronomy and family tree, and gives an in depth photo of the highbrow global of a medieval Muslim student. Prof. Kohlberg is a number one authority on Shī'ism, and his monograph is an strange and demanding contribution either to the heritage of Islam and to the heritage of Arabic literature and technology.

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This led al1'ihranI to suggest that 11' may have given this work two alternative titles. 11' says he knows of no one who wrote such a work before him, but gives no further details. K 131 contains a quotation from a speech by CAlI which appears at the beginning of the Fat~ al-jawab; in this speech, the exegesis of the Prophet and the Imams is held up as the only valid interpretation of the Qur'an. According to al-1'ihranI, this work was apparently still available to MIrza Kamala, since he recommends it (cf.

It seems that additional fragments of the K. ) were available to al-ShahId al-ThanI; see his Ijiiza for Baha' aI-DIn al- cAmilI's father al-I:Iusayn b. cAbd al-$amad (d. 984/15767) (BA, CVIIl, p. ranI, Kashkul, II, p. 223). _Cf. also --+A~l (transmitted by aI-J:Iasan b. bub), --+K. mad1:nat al-cilm. ==} al-Ikhtiyiiriit, see Anwiir akhbiir Abi cAmr al-Ziihid 20. K. al-iqbiil bi I-a cmiil al-~asana fimii (nadhkuruhu mimmii) yu c_ malu marratan f1: I-sana (or m1:qiitan wii~idan kull sana) Dh II 264 no.

In contrast to the Mi4mar, the K. al-Iatfj ft l-ta~nif fi shar~ ai-sa cada bi shahadat ~a~ib al-maqam ai-sharif which takes up the bulk of the chapter on C amal yawm C Ashura' (IQ 33-37/ 562-567) was never an independent work (cf. Dh XVIII 326 no. 304). According to IQ 225/728, IT finished dictating this work on Monday, 13 Jumada I 605. That this is an error was already noted by Strothmann (p. 131, n. 9); he suggested emending the date to 645/ 1247, arguing that this was the only year of IT's life (except 605) ending on a 5 in which 13 Jumada I fell on a Monday.

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