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His self-confidence was no blustering camouflage like Howard’s. ’ ‘In ways,’ he replied and had her heart sinking until he qualified, ‘But then I’ve known him a long time— when he was a poorer but better man, you might say. ’ she echoed. ‘Chatting up,’ he translated after thought. ’ she interrupted with a snap and he laughed softly at her primness. Uncoiling his legs, he leaned forward to stub out his cigarette. Kate thought he might be preparing to leave. But no such luck. Instead he scraped his chair nearer.

Kate’s the best little hostess around. ’ Van repeated through clenched teeth though his eyes switched back to Kate, questioning her shrug at the compliment. ’ Howard waved the notes in his hand. ’ Kate pleaded, coming to life as this last remark made the rest of their confusing dialogue seem irrelevant. ’ Van shot at her. ’ She hesitated, guilt written all over her face. After her first month Howard had suggested paying her in cash and saving them both the trouble of filling out tax forms. He’d made it seem a small matter but she’d known it to be wrong—which only made it more wrong that she’d agreed.

Surely she’d lost enough sleep last night without ruining today by dwelling on it? She couldn’t change what had happened. She’d survived worse—much worse. And maybe Fitzgerald himself was feeling a little sick about his mistake. Or would he have laughed when Howard explained his nasty joke? ’ she swore again at the smell of burning toast. Disgusted with herself, she tossed the four blackened squares into the pedal bin and concentrated on what she was doing. But later, when she was seated, cradling a cup of coffee in one hand and plucking at her chair’s stuffing with the other, it was difficult not to brood about the future.

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