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By Nahuel Ribke

Exploring the transition of celebrities into institutional-electoral politics, the booklet argues that many insights built via style theorists may be hugely instrumental to appreciate the fame politics phenomenon. It analyzes the old and cultural specificity of star politics because it developed via diverse nations and cultures.

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For example, how do they relate to Big Brother contenders? Is the status of television actors the same in different parts of the world? What happens in countries with lower cinema attendance rates? What happens in countries with a weak or non-existent domestic film industry? 39 Such questions have led me to look at the specificity of production and reception processes of various types of television content. Gaining a deeper understanding of the economic and cultural history of various television genre formats may help decipher the ways in which television exposure is converted into different forms of power, including political or institutional power.

8 Much as his son would do later, Yosef Lapid developed a multifarious career in the media besides his work as a journalist. During the 1970s he published a popular travel guide to Europe for Israeli tourists, blatantly taking advantage of his name as a famous journalist and radio host to promote the sales of a private commercial product, in a highly questionable move that his son would follow decades later. In the late 1980s Yosef Lapid was the special emissary in Israel and Hungary for controversial British-Czech press mogul Robert Maxwell, capitalizing on the rapid privatization process of the domestic economies, and of mass media in particular, in both eastern Europe and Israel.

The article shows the newly elected female MKs modelling new collections by top fashion boutiques. Each of the six new female MKs is presented in an individual photo accompanied by a few short lines with personal questions about the changes in their life following their election. Below each section there is a detailed description of every item of clothing that the MKs are wearing, along with the shops/brand names. In the front picture, four new female MKs are posing in flowing, flowery dresses on a background of a green meadow in full bloom.

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