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By Larry Crabb

Forever swap how you look at the Bible . . . and your personal life

Have you ever learn the Bible basically to come back away stressed? Ever puzzled if God actually had you in brain while He started telling His story?

Though lifestyles will not be going in line with your plan, God has one other one, far better than you could think. From Genesis to Revelation, adventure His invitation to get you dancing with joy.

In 66 Love Letters Larry Crabb bargains a clean, relational examine Scripture:

“When you end interpreting my past love letter to you, i need you to gain that I never underestimated how completely you’d reduce to rubble your lifestyles or how painfully you could fight and endure, and that i don’t wish you to underestimate your failures or struggles both. They’re all a part of the tale I’m telling. “But neither have I underestimated my selection or skill to go into both the mess you’ve made and the soreness you are feeling, then flip every little thing round. I can,...

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66 love letters : a conversation with God that invites you into His story / Larry Crabb. p. cm. ISBN 978-0-8499-1966-4 (hardcover) 1. Bible—Meditations. 2. Bible—Outlines, syllabi, etc. I. Title. ” —CHRISTOPHER J. H. WRIGHT Contents Acknowledgments Prologue: Finding Your Place in God’s Story How this Book Can Speak to You PART ONE: A FALL, A PROMISE, AND THE STORY BEGINS Love Letter One: Genesis I Have a Plan: You Are Invited to My Party Love Letter Two: Exodus You Must Know Me to Trust Me Love Letter Three: Leviticus Holiness Comes Before Happiness: Holiness Happiness Love Letter Four: Numbers Making You Holy Is Hard Work for Both of Us Love Letter Five: Deuteronomy You Fail Me, but I Never Fail You PART TWO: HISTORY GIVES AWAY THE PLOT Love Letter Six: Joshua Learn to Hate Sin More Than Suffering Love Letter Seven: Judges Sin Is in You, Lodged Deep Love Letter Eight: Ruth I Have the Cure Love Letter Nine: 1 Samuel The Cure Will Hurt Love Letter Ten: 2 Samuel The Cure Will Make You Great Love Letter Eleven: 1 Kings Do Not Make Solomon’s Mistake: Success Is Not Greatness Love Letter Twelve: 2 Kings Failure Is an Opportunity, Not a Defeat Love Letter Thirteen: 1 Chronicles Emptiness Now, Fullness Later; That Is a Promise Love Letter Fourteen: 2 Chronicles Real Trust Develops in the Dark Love Letter Fifteen: Ezra I Am Here: I Will Make You Holy and Whole Love Letter Sixteen: Nehemiah Remember, Small Obedience Is a Great Work Love Letter Seventeen: Esther No One, No One, Can Thwart My Plan PART THREE: LIVING IN MYSTERY WITH WISDOM AND HOPE Love Letter Eighteen: Job To Rest in Hope, You Must Writhe in Pain Love Letter Nineteen: Psalms Ask Your Hardest Questions and Sing Your Loudest Praise Love Letter Twenty: Proverbs You Must Fear Me to Follow Me Love Letter Twenty-One: Ecclesiastes The Way Up Is the Way Down Love Letter Twenty-Two: Song of Songs I Will Teach You How to Dance PART FOUR: A WORD TO THE FOOLISH Love Letter Twenty-Three: Isaiah Prepare to Be Slapped, Then Hugged Love Letter Twenty-Four: Jeremiah There Is Water in the Well Love Letter Twenty-Five: Lamentations Painful Thirst Creates Joyful Hope Love Letter Twenty-Six: Ezekiel Face Your Evil, Then See My Glory Love Letter Twenty-Seven: Daniel Your Life Is Off Course; My Plan Is Not Love Letter Twenty-Eight: Hosea Love Is Deeper Than Hate Love Letter Twenty-Nine: Joel Wake Up to Desire, Lose Hope in Yourself, and Pray Right for Life Love Letter Thirty: Amos Real Worship Produces Real Change Love Letter Thirty-One: Obadiah Celebrate!

Love Letter Fifty-Nine: James Save Your Soul by Living Well Love Letter Sixty: 1 Peter Soon! In a Little While. Soon! Love Letter Sixty-One: 2 Peter I Know How to Rescue My Children from Their Worst Problem Love Letter Sixty-Two: 1 John I Want You to Know the Real Truth About Who You Are Love Letter Sixty-Three: 2 John Watch Out! The Deepest Truth Is the Most Easily Missed Love Letter Sixty-Four: 3 John Release Love Before You Judge Sin in Another Love Letter Sixty-Five: Jude Keep Yourself in My Love as You Wait for My Party PART SEVEN: THE PROMISE IS KEPT: HAPPINESS FOREVER Love Letter Sixty-Six: Revelation Reign with the Lamb Now, and You Will Sing When the Lion Roars!

As you see the drama unfold from Genesis to Revelation, you realize that the Dramatist is so generous and jolly that He makes Santa Claus look stingy and morose. You look instead to Mother Teresa or Billy Graham to get a better idea what the Dramatist is like, and you realize even their exemplary lives pale by comparison. As you hear the story, you feel the Storyteller’s strength, next to which Superman’s is puny. The man of steel is exposed as a boy of Jell-O. You tremble when you recognize the Storyteller’s impossibly high and unbending standards until you realize they are not the impositions of a tyrant requiring that you do things His way, but they are rather the call of a lover inviting you to enjoy His perfection.

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