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By Neil Paynter

Fifty of the best-loved prayers of the Iona neighborhood in a transportable version.

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But I couldn’t even get in the door. The wild Iona wind was blowing in such a way that the door was sealed shut. At first I thought it was locked: Typical of a church, I thought. I pulled and pulled, and yanked on the heavy door, but couldn’t get in. It seemed like a sign. A sign I wasn’t welcome, that this church, too, ‘wasn’t for the likes of me’. Oh well, I thought, and walked down to the North Beach. Clouds were roiling across the huge sky, the wind was spirited – the whole landscape felt alive … I went back the next day for the morning service, and entered the Abbey, and heard this great prayer, by Kate Mcllhagga: The shadow of the dove When dawn’s ribbon of glory around the world returns and the earth emerges from sleep – The shadow of the dove is seen as she flies across moor and city.

Journey blessing’ – by Peter Millar, from Our Hearts Still Sing: daily readings, Peter Millar, Wild Goose Publications, 2004. ‘The people God calls blessed’ – by Ruth Burgess, from A Book of Blessings: and how to write your own, Ruth Burgess, Wild Goose Publications, 2001. ‘Blessing’ – by Jan Sutch Pickard, from Iona Abbey Worship Book, Wild Goose Publications, 2001 © Iona Community. ‘Living letters’ – by Neil Paynter, from Iona Abbey Worship Book, Wild Goose Publications, 2001 © Iona Community.

I tread each day in light or dark in the fellowship of my God. Be the sacred Three of glory interwoven with our lives until the Man who walks it with us leads us home through death to life. Kate Mcllhagga YOU TAKE ME SERIOUSLY I settle into stillness searching seeking trusting your joy My mind races and you embrace it wrapping me round with wonder and grace You wrestle with me question me take me seriously I bless the honesty of your love. Ruth Burgess PRAYER FOR THREE VOICES Voice 1: God of justice, keep us silent when the only words we have to utter are ones of judgement, exclusion or prejudice.

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