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By Sally D. Sharpe

This booklet bargains a year's worthy of day-by-day devotional readings from twelve diversified girls of religion. This booklet is for ladies of every age. every one day's interpreting incorporates a concentration Scripture verse from a mixture of translations, a quick mirrored image, and a prayer.

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Although our lifestyles, customs, rituals, and histories may differ, in many ways we are alike. We give thanks for the bread on our tables and ask God's blessings on those who share it. The God who hears and answers our prayers is the same God who hears and answers prayers the world over. Unfortunately, clothing, language, and skin color keep us at a distance from one another. But a child's shy grace before family dinner is recognizable in any language. A shout of laughter at a good joke isn't limited to a specific culture or race.

Enraged, the sultan calls for the executioner, relenting only after she promises to finish the story tomorrow night. Each night she spins tales of proud warriors and ordinary men who are brave, heroic, and cunning; and each morning she resists finishing until the following night. A week passes and she still lives. The whole palace prays for her safety, creativity, and imagination. Finally, she brings the long tale to an end and faces a different man than the one she married. Through her stories, he has learned to face his fears with courage, to use his skills and talents to his advantage, and to accept love.

Deuteronomy 4:12 NIV) Billye Avery talks of discovering her true voice in An Altar of Words. A women's health advocate, Avery was comfortable speaking to groups of people, but lacked confidence in her writing voice. Like Avery, sometimes the greatest barrier to finding our “authentic voice” is ourselves. Too often we “self-censure” before anyone else has the chance. Many early church women such as Teresa of Avila and Julian of Norwich, whose writings and teachings influence us even today, struggled with the same conflicts about voice that we face.

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