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By June Galle Krehbiel

Sunday college devotionals

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Easter Egg (Matthew 18:1214) 92 60. Cottontails (Matthew 20:116) 94 61. Broken Clock (Matthew 22:3440) 96 62. Bakery (Matthew 26:613) 97 63. Raindrops (Matthew 28:1620) 99 64. Train Whistle (Mark 1:411) 100 65. Mango Tree (Mark 1:3537) 102 66. Rabbit in the Moon (Mark 2:112) 104 67. Wind Mystery (Mark 4:2629) 106 68. Upside Down (Mark 9:3335) 108 69. Puzzle (Luke 2:120) 110 Page 9 70. Under the Pillow (Luke 2:4152) 112 71. Bear Around the Corner (Luke 4:1421) 114 72. An Elevator Named Henry (Luke 10:2537) 116 73.

Some get happiness from training a pet, watching a sunset, or making a friend laugh. Think about what makes you happy. We feel happy deep inside when we worship God. Like the writer of Psalm 122, who rejoiced in worship, we can feel God's presence at any time, alone with God or in a group with God. Christians everywhere like to worship with other Christians. As you worship God now, sing your favorite song that helps you worship, and pray with joy in your heart. Prayer: We worship you with happiness, Lord of lords.

Prayer: Dear God, step into the hearts of all of us who are hurting, and bring us your peace. Amen. Clincher: Without a shepherd, sheep are not a flock. Russian proverb Page 48 26 Read Psalm 30:45* Sing to the Lord, you saints of his; praise his holy name. For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime (Psalm 30:45a). Appaloosa Lynn searched the rows of shelves in the large department store for the perfect gift for her friend. There were magazines, candy, towels, glasses, T-shirts, watches, purses, jewelry, socks, perfumes, and furniture.

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